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Budigere Cross is evolving as a burgeoning residential hub, offering a wide range of housing options to suit varying preferences. The area has seen noteworthy infrastructure development in recent years. Improved road networks, metro connectivity, and the presence of schools, malls, etc, contribute to the area’s appeal.

The infrastructure development here has led to an increase in demand for properties, making it a hotspot for real estate investment. Owing to the existence of reputed builders offering various projects to meet the requirements of investors, Budigere Cross comprises an excess of options in terms of residential real estate.

Brigade Citrine on Budigere Cross is best for investment as it has good network to major IT hubs of the city. Due to all the quick developments, the demand for residential spaces on Budigere Cross is expected to boom in the coming years.

  • Booming job market – The project location has good access to all major IT hubs with offers a lot of job offers. So, people can invest in the area as they can stay near their workplace.
  • Better Connectivity – The location is accessible from all areas of the city through a network of metros and buses.
  • Good returns – The area is developing fast, which will make investing here worthwhile by offering good returns on investment. So, investing here is the best option for better ROI and rental returns.

With all these developments, Budigere Cross is a preferred area for investment in real estate, which will give good returns in the future.


Brigade Citrine Bangalore

Bangalore is a preferred area for real estate investment due to the job opportunities it offers. This dynamic city has noticed important growth in the real estate market over the past few decades. With a wide variety of housing choices, from budget houses to luxury properties, Bangalore is a great choice for investors when we consider investing in real estate.

The city has a good transport system to all areas and it has a better social framework. As many people move to the city in search of jobs, the real estate market faces a great demand. So, prices are increasing here fast, which is a better option. Brigade Citrine in Bangalore is best for investment as it is in a main area of the city with all the needed features nearby.

  • Lots of investment options – Bangalore has a lot of properties to invest in from reputed builders ranging from budget houses to luxury houses. People can now select from a wide variety of options and price ranges.
  • Good connectivity – The city has the best transport network, with a wide network of BMTC buses, metros and trains to connect to all areas easily.
  • Better social infrastructure – The city has the best schools, colleges, malls, and IT hubs, making it a better place to invest with all needed features nearby.
  • Better returns – The city is developing fast at a rapid pace, and investing here will give better returns in terms of resale and rental value.
  • Better lifestyle – The city has many entertainment options and a better lifestyle, which makes it an ideal place to settle.

Bangalore is a big city where many people wish to settle, and Brigade Citrine will help to make everyone’s dream come true by providing state of a art living experience.


Brigade Citrine RERA

Brigade Citrine has applied for RERA now and is awaiting approval, and it will be received soon. The project's launch will be after the RERA approval in 2024, and the possession will be in 2028. As Brigade Citrine will be registered with RERA, it is a safe project to invest in as it will have no legal risks and will meet all the needed standards.

  • Timely Delivery: RERA-approved projects will be delivered on time on the stated possession date, else actions will be taken against the builder.
  • Customer safety: RERA-approved projects make sure that all needed standards are met. Buyers will be protected from all malpractices and they can invest in those properties without any fear.
  • Better Transparency: RERA promises builders must provide correct information about the project so that buyers can make better decisions based on the information.
  • Good quality: Only quality materials are used in the construction, and quality will never be compromised.

Brigade Group registers all the projects with RERA and usually delivers projects using standard materials on time. The Brigade Citrine project will meet all the standards, it will get approval, and the RERA number will be displayed on the website.


Brigade Citrine Apartment

An apartment refers to a self-reliant residential unit in a large building and denotes a multi- unit dwelling in a complex with shared amenities. It will have a range of floor plans in a wide variety of budget ranges. These are chosen options in big cities as they are safe to live with needed safety features.

Apartments are in greater demand in Bangalore because of the outstanding lifestyle it offers. As the real estate market is in great demand, many builders are building a lot of projects with all modern features.

Brigade Group has launched a first-class township project in Budigere Cross, “Brigade Citrine”, offering the residents stunning 2 and 3 BHK luxury flats. It is a big gated community providing luxury life that will lift the face of Budigere Cross.

  • Modern amenities – The project has more than 40 amenities to suit people of all ages and offers a premium lifestyle.
  • Affordable pricing – The project offers units in an affordable price range compared to other projects in the area.
  • Big clubhouse – The project has an immense clubhouse over a big area with many indoor leisure features.
  • Good Safety – The project has the latest safety features and offers a safe area as there are CCTV cameras in all common areas and a 24*7 security team.
  • Eco-friendly – The project has eco-friendly features to create a great environment. It has a rainwater harvest system, water recycling systems, and better waste disposal.


Brigade Citrine is on Budigere Cross in East Bangalore.

The project is for possession from Dec 2028.

The project is awaiting the RERA's approval and it will launch soon after that.

The project size ranges from 1040 sq ft to 1480 sq ft.

The project has more than 80% of open area, and it has a lot of parks, trees, and gardens.

Brigade Group

The Brigade Group is an important real estate property developer founded by M.R. Jaishankar in South India in the year 1986. They have operations in major cities in India and have won a lot of awards in the construction industry. They are known for their quality and their ability to meet customer demands.

 Brigade Group Projects in Bangalore
  • Better customer approach
  • Transparency in business
  • Always meet the correct deadlines
  • Constant effort for quality
  • Striking designs
  • Put buyer needs first.

Brigade Group always puts the requirements of customers first, and the put them first before everything. They never compromise on quality and introduce the latest designs in their houses. They always meet deadlines and have total transparency in their business.

Upcoming projects are those that are newly introduced and are coming for construction. The booking process will start for customers for those upcoming projects. In 2024, Brigade Group started a lot of projects in Bangalore that are upcoming and are now ready for booking.

Some upcoming projects in Bangalore by Brigade Group are

 Brigade Insignia

Brigade Insignia is an apartment project in Kogilu Cross in Bangalore over an area of 7 acres. The project offers 300 luxurious apartments ranging from 2200 to 2800 sq ft. The price range of these apartments starts at Rs 2.5 Crores. The floor area of the 3 BHK apartment ranges from 2200 sq. ft., and the price range is Rs 2.5 Crores. The size range of a 4 BHK apartment is 2800 sq. ft., and the price will be Rs 3 crores.

 Brigade Sanctuary

Brigade Sanctuary is in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore over a big area of 14 acres. A one BHK Flat is from 656. 0 Sq. Ft. A three BHK Flat is from 1400. 0 Sq. Ft. to 2027. 0 Sq. Ft. A four BHK Flat is from 2027. 0 Sq. Ft. to 2491. 0 Sq. Ft. The price ranges from Rs. 72. 0 Lakhs to 2. 8 Crores. There are 1275 units in this project over 8 big towers.

 Brigade Valencia

Brigade Valencia is in Electronic City, Bangalore, over an area of 25 acres. There are 662 units in this project over 4 big towers. A one BHK flat is from 341 sq. ft. at Rs. 41.5 Lakhs. A two BHK flat of 578 sq. ft. is available at Rs. 70.1 Lakhs. A three BHK flat is from 879 sq. ft. at Rs. 82.2 Lakhs. A four BHK flat is from 1,402 sq. ft. at Rs. 1.3 Crores. There are 22 floors in each tower, and the project has more than 80% Open Space. The size of the units varies from 340 to 2100 sq. ft.

Ongoing projects are the projects in which the construction process is going on. The occupancy certificate is yet to be given. Several projects are ongoing by Brigade Group in Bangalore, and some of them include

 Brigade Gem

Brigade Gem is in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. The project is over a big area of 2 Acres. A two BHK Flat in this project is from 1121.0 to 1125.0 sq ft. A 3 BHK Flat here is from 1513.0 sq ft to 1543.0 sq ft. The price here is in the range of Rs. 65. 5 Lakhs to 1. 1 Crores. The project has 138 units over 4 big towers.

 Brigade Horizon

Brigade Horizon is on Mysore Road, Bangalore. It is over a big area of 5 acres. A 2 BHK Flat here is from 1064. 0 Sq. Ft. A three BHK Flat here is from 1473. 0 Sq. Ft. The price is available in the range of Rs. 69. 2 Lakhs to 1. 1 Crores. The project has 372 units over 18 high-rise towers.

 Brigade Laguna

Brigade Laguna is in Hebbal, Bangalore. The price here ranges from Rs. 1. 0 Crores to 1. 9 Crores. The project's launch is in Feb 2022, and the project is for possession from Dec 2025. A two BHK Flat is from 1194.0 sq ft. A three BHK Flat is from 1629.0 sq ft to 1888.0 sq ft.

Completed projects are those projects where the construction process is finished, and a completion certificate is given. The project is ready to be occupied at any time by buyers, and everyone can take possession at any time. Brigade Group completes several projects in Bangalore, and some of them include

 Brigade Exotica

Brigade Exotica is a project in Old Madras Road, Bangalore over an area of 10 acres. The residential units are priced within the range of Rs. 2. 0 Crores. A 3 BHK Flat ranges from 3800. 0 Sq. Ft. A 4 BHK Flat ranges from 3630. 0 Sq. Ft. The project's launch date is September 2011, and the possession date is February 2018.

 Brigade Meadows

Brigade Meadows is in Kanakapura Road, Bangalore over an area of 60 acres. The price range of the project ranges from Rs. 45. 0 Lakhs to 65. 0 Lakhs. A 1 BHK Flat ranges from 780. 0 Sq. Ft. A 2 BHK Flat ranges from 950. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1110. 0 Sq. Ft. The project has 40 big towers.

 Brigade Orchards

Brigade Orchards is in Devanahalli, Bangalore, over a big area of 130 acres. The project price is from Rs. 65. 0 Lakhs to 1. 2 Crores. The project has over 905 flats over 20 big towers. A 2 BHK Flat is from 1080. 0 to 1390. 0 Sq. Ft. A three BHK Flat is from 1290. 0 to 1700. 0 sq ft.

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